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Refresher Day with Exam


Refresher Day with Exam
by Zzeus Training Ltd

The refresher day is aimed at engineers who are currently practicing but may have not updated to the latest standard of BS5839-1. It is a very full day starting at 9am with an exam at 4 pm. You are expected to already have  in-depth knowledge of previous versions of BS5839-1 but need refreshing to the latest standard before your exam.

This is not an easy exam and will require previous training and experience on design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Key Course Details

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Electricians, Designers, Installers, Commissioners, Maintainers, Electrical Supervisors, Premises Management, Fire Risk Assessors.

  • Need for a fire detection and fire alarm system and type
  • Legislation related to fire detection and alarm systems
  • Understanding fire behaviour
  • Monitoring circuit integrity
  • Understanding different categories of systems life and property protection
  • Variations
  • Detector coverage / spacings
  • Understanding detection zone size
  • Understanding alarm zone size
  • Technology of system components and principles of detection
  • Sound pressure level requirements
  • Advanced detector spacings
  • Understand certificate requirements
  • False alarm issues
  • Battery standby/capacity
  • Cause and effect
  • Communication with the fire and rescue service
  • Delegates who pass the course assessments will be provided with a certificate Module 1 Foundation of BS5839-1:2017 CPD approved (8 hour)
  • And will be taking the EAL Level 3/ 4 EQF as required in the EN 16763 service standard.
  • Understand the Requirements of BS 5839-1:2017 Examination.


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Refresher Course Cost

Course place/s cost £329.00 + VAT per candidate.

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